K9 Cruiser Bicycle Leash

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The Leash Your Dog Will Love!

Exercise is important for a happy, healthy, well-behaved dog. Especially with young, athletic breeds, you may find that if you don't exercise them, you pay the price with destructive chewing, excessive barking, digging and other problem behaviors. In today's urban environments, it can be hard to give your dog the exercise he needs. The K9 Cruiser can help!

Many pet parents have claimed they would not have been able to keep their dogs if it was not for the exercise they could provide with the K9 Cruiser. If you have a working dog or you compete, the K9 Cruiser is an excellent way to increase muscle conditioning, improve overall appearance, build endurance, and improve gait. You can even run more than one dog at a time! Try one today -- your dog will love you for it!

  • Sturdy steel construction with top quality snap and bungee leash.
  • Low leash attachment allows the dog to walk or run beside the bicycle.

Always consult your veterinarian before starting an exercise program for your dog. Keep both hands on your bicycle during use, and wear an approved safety helmet.

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