Intermediate Plus Class

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If you've already attended our Basic class, your next step is our Intermediate Plus class. This class takes all exercises throughout the park, so you're working with greater distractions. We'll work on Heel, so your dog walks next to you and gives you focused attention. We'll add a Settle (go to place), which is a great behavior for dogs that bum rush your guests when they come through your front door, or who want to pester you while you're eating at the table. We'll also cover the very popular Leave It exercise, teaching your dog to leave temptation alone.  

Prerequisite: A Dog's Best Friend's Basic class

Important Note: Once you pay for the class, we'll send you a registration packet you'll need to complete before you begin. Please call the office at 954-791-2717 to fine out when the next session starts, or if you have any questions.